Identified Patient

Electronica from Identified patient for you. From Aqua jujitsu to war-beats: no genre restrictions.


Iden­ti­fied Patient is one of the most intrigu­ing tal­ents to mate­ri­al­ize from Hol­land’s bustling music scene in recent times. The Ams­ter­dam based artist made a strong up-rise through some of Rot­ter­dam’s finest imprints while fill­ing dance-floors across the coun­try and through­out Europe. His style infus­es raw aes­thet­ics with unri­valled, relent­less ener­gy which he trans­lates into his pro­duc­tions as flu­id­ly as his DJ sets. Proud­ly list­ing his musi­cal inspi­ra­tions to include Madon­na and George Michael as well as The Prodi­gy and Legow­elt ‑these ear­ly seeds were sewn and it was­n’t long before his pas­sion for music burned stronger and stronger. The desire to cre­ate became a pri­or­i­ty and from this moment, Iden­ti­fied Patient was born.

With a trade mark sound that drifts between the exper­i­men­tal sides of wave, tech­no and acid, it was­n’t long before his music gained the atten­tion of Rot­ter­dam based labels Com­mon Thread, Pinkman and lat­er Lon­don’s Brokn­toys. These out­lets would become the plat­forms for his ear­ly releas­es which were recog­nised as straight hits in sev­er­al charts and clubs through­out Europe and beyond. At present Iden­ti­fied Patient con­tin­ues to work close­ly with Sophie du Palais, who’s dark and dirty vocals are a recur­ring fea­ture through­out his music, along­side sev­er­al oth­er projects such as his recent­ly formed alias Stal­lion Stud. More of this to unfold in the very near future…

Besides his fresh and pound­ing machine-works, Iden­ti­fied Patient has put him­self on the map with his high­ly ener­getic DJ sets that jump in all direc­tions both musi­cal­ly and phys­i­cal­ly, ooz­ing a sex­u­al nature with zest­ful­ly unpre­dictable selec­tions. In 2018 he made his mark with per­for­mances at a num­ber of Dek­man­tel events (his debut Boil­er Room per­for­mance being a key high­light) and became a reg­u­lar face at the avant-garde club De School.

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